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Why the US Dollar Could Depreciate After President Trump's Inauguration

23 January, 2017 |

There are several reasons why the Dollar is continuing to sell-off at the start of the new trading week, but they are mostly to do with the Inauguration of Donald Trump.

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The Impact of Trump’s Victory on the UK Economy and the Pound

09 November, 2016 |

The US is the UK’s largest trading partner after the EU - what are the implications of Donald trump’s presidential victory on that partnership, and indeed Sterling?

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Australian and US Dollars: The Currencies to Trade Today

06 February, 2017 |

What are the 'choicest' currencies to home-in on in the volatile world of financial markets?

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Pound to Australian Dollar Targets 1.72 After Bullish Break on Weekly Chart

21 November, 2016 |

The GBP/AUD is looking particularly bullish after breaking above a trendline on the weekly chart, which chimes with investors lessening hunger for commodity currencies.

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Aussie Dollar Rises Further Against the Pound; 1.6650 now in crosshairs

10 August, 2016 |

The Australian dollar rose versus the pound and the dollar on Wednesday on the back of comments from Glenn Stevens, we examine the impact the comments had and how these have changed our forecasts for exchange rates.

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